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There's Never Been a More Exciting Time for the Semiconductor Design Industry

May 16, 2016

RealSilicon will be at the Design Automation Conference (DAC), June 5-9 in Austin, TX. Recognized as a the premier conference for design and automation of electronic systems, the DAC offers outstanding training, education, exhibits, and superb networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers and vendors.

We’re especially excited about participating this conference this year because we truly believe that there has never been a better time to be in the semiconductor industry. The growth of cloud computing, big data and machine learning, in combination with the explosive increase in IoT devices, is causing a significant spike in demand for both high speed and low power solutions.

To help frame this demand more clearly, take a look at this infographic from Visual Capitalist, which illustrates what happens every minute on the internet. This paints a very compelling picture of how quickly the digital realm is growing, and how important the element of scale is to business today. And all is this growth is being powered by the most sophisticated silicon solutions ever conceived.

RealSilicon is uniquely ready to help its clients meet this challenge with patented technology, deep expertise, and a global team highly skilled in both analog and digital design. We have extensive experience in high performance SOC and IP designs, low power spec-to-GDS SOC for mobile and other portable devices applications, and end-to-end IoT solutions.

If you plan to be in Austin, please come by and say hello to us in booth #2220.

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