GP Singh


As CEO of RealSilicon, GP Singh enjoys leading engineering teams to solve difficult technical problems In addition to spearheading RealSilicon as an organization, GP serves as the hands on technical lead in IC design, and has delivered more than 40+ successful tape outs on Microprocessors, ASSP, SOC and ASIC chips. With deep expertise in all IC back end designs issues, GP has resolved many high speed and low power Semiconductor design issues. He is experienced in driving implementation decisions for high level software and architectural requirements. A serial entrepreneur in Semiconductor and embedded systems products, GP has built and operated multi-zone teams for many years. GP holds over 25 patents, has more than 10 currently pending, and has been published in IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits (JSSC), International Solid State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), DesignCon, and European Solid State Circuit Conference (ESSC).

Shalabh Goel

VP, Product & Marketing

Shalabh is a Product Management & Marketing leader, and a versatile change agent. He has a diverse background in technology and business, and a strong track-record of success from the perspective of generating business impact. Shalabh is passionate about solving tough problems, and has delivered results to complex technical and business challenges. He has managed and delivered growth by capitalizing on market transitions and creating new revenue streams. At Real Silicon, Shalabh is driving product & solutions for Cognitive Computing – a highly scalable and efficient neural networks engine that accelerates real-time Artificial Intelligence for applications like IoT, Embedded Vision and Natural Language Processing.

John Mein

VP Sales

John has more than 25 Years of National and International Sales Leadership and Field Applications experience at Semiconductor, optical companies and IoT companies including Texas Instruments, Integrated Device Technology, VLSI Technology (now NXP), Galileo (now Marvell), Teknovus (now Broadcom), Quake Technologies (now Applied Micro), iamba (now Marvell) and Petzila. John specializes in building sales and field support organizations at emerging technology companies to maximum efficiency through the right personnel selection. He is also adept at business development for new and emerging technologies. John holds a BSEE from the Kansas State University, an MSEE from Stanford University, and did Ph.D. work at Colorado State University and University of Colorado.

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